About Xcluzive

Traditional manual work, high-quality materials and careful final inspection are essential production factors for Xcluzive products. All products are designed in Italy and finally made in China. Whether it’s scissors , nail nippers , tweezers, makeup brushes or even mirrors  Xcluzive uses only quality raw material that goes under complete quality management control, so that the consumer guarantees long enjoyment of the product. But the company does not want to rest on the classic and proven products and therefore sets new trends through innovation, which consolidates the success of Xcluzive.

Currently distributed in Gulf & ME through Multiplex International LLC.

Superior quality, value brand offering consumers beauty and personal care accessories across a range of categories :

  1. Makeup Accessories
  2. Beauty Implements
  3. Nail Implements
  4. Bath Accessories
  5. Foot Implements
  6. Hair Accessories
  7. Men’s Accessories